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The Allotment, 2013 - 2014
This is an updated record of what is going on on my allotment, starting in January 2013

I also have a channel on You Tube with some short video sequences from the allotments, this link will take you there.

2013, another wierd year for weather, an exceptionally long cold spring making the season around 6 to 8 weeks
behind normal, then at the end of June it went very hot, helping us out a bit.

hilltop view
21 January 2013, pretty chilly this winter, just like last year, I think I was the only person on site that day.

Borage, this had sat most of the winter waiting for the sun, essential for pollinators.

Sunflowers up by the shed, not the 7ft giants we were hoping for!

A little beetle on one of the sunflowers. Probably Oedemera nobilis.

Ladybird larvae on the broad beans, very late appearing this year, this is taken in July.

Adult ladybirds, same day as the previous picture, the cold weather has held them back this year, along with a lot of the pollinators.

A general view of the middle part of the plot, squash, courgette, chard and rhubarb, mid July.

Some cousa courgettes, chard and rocket, the cousas are short and fat this year. The chard is delicious.

A little beetle on a strawberry flower.

Blackcurrants, still on the bush on 4th August, to be picked this week.
We had a bumper crop of redcurrants, most of which I turned into ice cream.

Two cousas, 2 striatos and a mini striato that will not be getting any bigger.
As of 4th august loads of courgettes and chard, some very nice cucumbers, broad beans rather disappointing, french beans just beginning, but look like the will not come to much.

Sweet potato squash, about 17cm long and still growing 16th August
More in a few weeks time.

here are some ladybirds doing their thing in the war against blackfly, of which there are a lot around this year, thanks to a warm winter.

A hoverfly on mullein, at the top of the plot.

Chard, this is the late sown crop picture 6 Aug 2014

Climbing beans, purple french and Bangladeshi beans, the long green ones, these get to about a foot long.
Very tasty.

Hubbard squash, presently about 7 inches diameter


A pair of old oaks just inside the cemetary, March 2015

Updated 23 March 2015