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Welcome to the One Tree Hill picture page.
A few pictures of trees and treeish things
These are some of the many photographs of the hill that I have taken over the last 30 years
First, a few words about the hill itself: This is One Tree Hill in London SE23.
Fortunately there is more than one tree on One Tree Hill but one of them is reputedly famous from many years ago as it is said that Queen Elizabeth the First took picnics under it when en route from Hampton Court to the palace at Eltham, which is not far from here. The original tree has long since disappeared and a reputed offspring now replaces it. It is a steep hill, now covered in a variety of trees, including a variety of Black Poplar and many London Planes. There are also on various parts of the hill some very old pollarded oaks, which were border markers in their day. The hill is alive with all manner of creatures and last year and the year before had a mating pair of Kestrels as well as the Green Woodpecker and the Greater Spotted Woodpecker these latter are particularly fond of the dead and decaying limbs of the poplars, which are more more common now due to several years of serious drought in the summer.

A couple of nice sunsets from the hill

tree by night
The hill by night, with the moon behind a tree

hill view
Looking north from the hill, c.1980

city view
Looking north from the hill over the city 2007

london eye
The London Eye and the Post Office Tower, 2007

famous tree
An alleged descendant of the famous tree

Snow on the hill, 1982 or 1983

A nice sunset from 1985.

The cemetary side of the hill under snow, Jan 2013

city snow
View over the city in the snow, January 2013

city view
View from the same point after the snow had gone. March 2013, compare with picture above dated 2007.

Oaks on the south side of the hill, early March 2015

Updated 23 March 2015