Support Services

I offer a broad range of computer support services for any kind of individual or organisation:

Mail and File servers for your office or home using FreeBSD, a unix like operating system used widely by internet companies and noted for its stability, security and reliability. Note that the software is completely free and has no licensing issues and there is no limit to the number of users you can have. You only pay me for setting up and maintenance as and when necessary.
I can help you to keep your private data private.

I can install, set up and manage:
Mailservers, with or without web interface, virus scanning and spam trapping.
Mailing list managers
File servers
Routers and firewalls
Private cloud servers

If you are interested in the possibilities of migrating to open source software either at home or in the office, I can advise and arrange demonstrations.

I offer a full network installation and/or troubleshooting service, especially if you have just or are just about to go on to a broadband connection.

I also offer full support for the everyday problems that arise with PCs and Macs, ie cleaning up after virus attacks, reinstallations, etc.


Contact me using this link with any query and I will do my best to assist you, I can usually offer support for any platform.

or phone 020 7639 4566 or 07466 518515

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page updated 20th July 2014