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Pictures from Italy
In 2007, my daughter and her husband bought a house in Tuscany, it is in a hill village off the Magra valley called Mulazzo. It is about 8km from the local market town Pontremoli.
Here are a few pics from my visit in September 2007

The village is up in the hills, and this view is taken from above, about an hours walk up the hill opposite the village. The hills are all covered in chestnut trees, and there are wild boar and a host of other wildlife.
Dante lived in the village for some time, the hexagonal feature top right is the Dante Tower, from which there are marvellous views over the Magra Valley and the Appenine Alps. The village dates from about the 11th century.

View of Mulazzo, my daughter's house is 2nd from right at the bottom, 3 floors plus a large attic bedroom.

Typical street scene, Mulazzo, narrow streets, mostly occupied by older people, very few children get the school bus in the mornings.

Pontremoli, the local market town, on the river Magra.

The municipal library in Pontremoli.

Pontremoli, its narrow streets somewhat spoilt by the presence of cars, in my opinion.


Updated 7th September 2011